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Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology

5th International Conference on Integration of Renewable Distributed Energy Resources

The growing share of renewable and distributed energy resources in power systems requires the development of efficient measures for their integration. Since the first International Conference on Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (COI) that took place in Brussels 2004, grid integration technology has continuously improved. Many technical and non-technical issues have been solved or are now better understood. However, as the scale of deployment increases, new important challenges are emerging.

Inthe last few years, the topic of new smart grid approaches that supportthe efficient grid integration of small generators, storage units andcontrollable loads has gained considerably higher attention. A numberof deployment projects including large-scale field demonstrations havebeen conducted in many countries. This conference will offer theopportunity to learn about these projects and to discuss results withthe partners involved.

Like at the previous COI events, the latest technical, market andpolicy aspects related to integration of renewable and distributedenergy resources and smart grids will be discussed in plenary sessions.It is the intention of the conference to support the interdisciplinarydiscussion among different stakeholders promote lasting collaborationamong key players from all over the world. Conference side events likeworkshops, and committee meetings on standardization and other relatedtopics that will take place before and after the conference will giveattendees the opportunity to further develop and deepen the knowledgein special topics.

The goals of this conference are to:

  • Share status and results of research projects
  • Better understand and communicate the visions from various stakeholders and players
  • Learn from national programmes and policies
  • Discuss main issues and barriers and identify other needed research and potential solutions
  • Stimulate international, national, and regional programme coordination

Theweeklong conference will include pre-conference workshops,post-conference breakouts, tours, a poster session, and evening events.

Call for Papers:

Topics of the Conference:
1.  Grid Integration of Centralized and Decentralized Storage Devices
2.  Large-Scale Renewable Generation
3.  Renewable Power Forecasting
4.  Market and Business Models
5.  Grid Operation
6.  Regulatory Issues
7.  Sucessful Demonstrations
8.  Energy Management
9.  Generation and Load Management
10.Solar and Wind Energy Integration
11.Information and Communication Technologies (ITC)
12.Island Grids and Micro-Grids
13.Transmission and Distribution

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: June 11th., 2012
Please upload your abstract the review system provided by:   

End of July authors will receive an e-mail with the result of the evaluation.
With the acceptance of your abstract you are automatically registered for
the conference. It is not possible to cancel once accepted.


MARITIM proArte Hotel Berlin, Germany


Dec 04, 2012 - Dec 06, 2012