Validation of an MN force application system


German Federal Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Duration: 06/2018 – 05/2021


The Fraunhofer IWES Dynamic Nacelle Laboratory (DyNaLab) features a system for large-scale nacelle testing in wind turbines which is unique in the world. The test rig includes a high-performance load application system (LAS), which, as a hexapod, boasts a large moment bearing.

Load application systems mechanically simulate the wind loads which act upon the turbine in the field: thanks to the hexapod, forces and moments can be applied to the drive shaft of a wind turbine in all degrees of freedom. As part of the “LastVal” research project, the functioning of the hexapod is being examined in greater detail and optimized.

Two measurement series are planned on the large test rig with the aim of increasing the accuracy of the force application system. A smaller scale hexapod is also to be procured and tested in order to identify further optimization potential.

With this scaled development environment, a system which is independent of the large test rig will be available in order to validate complete mechanical systems by means of the defined overlaying of loads in a scaled range. The results are supposed to help wind turbine developers to optimize modeling and simulation processes.

This, in turn, will provide the wind energy sector with improved and safeguarded test methods for the basic components of a wind turbine – from the drive train and the machine carrier through to the azimuth system. The enables methods and principles to be improved in terms of the calculation of loads and the design of the various components of a turbine.