Promising potential for optimization: the IWES focus topics

The greatest potential for further improvements in the field of technological efficiency and reliable energy supply in the medium and long term lies in the more consistent utilization of wind energy. Policymakers have set the course here – not least through research funds, which are as necessary as they are well invested. In the future, the focus will particularly be on the expansion of offshore wind turbines and the increasing utilization of green hydrogen. IWES is well equipped for the future. With a goal-oriented overall strategy, we are facing the challenges of dynamic policies and focusing on additional specialist personnel, New Work, and cross-site cooperation among other things. Find out more about the IWES focus topics of Test infrastructure, Offshore, Hydrogen, and Digitalization.


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Digitalization is a dynamic and clearly noticeable process in industry – including the wind energy and hydrogen sectors. Through its complex research topics, Fraunhofer IWES offers digital solutions in all areas. In addition to standards such as data monitoring, topics such as big data and the digital twin have also found their way into research. They are being utilized and further developed in a wide range of different scientific fields.

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Designing and constructing offshore wind farms demands comprehensive knowledge of the environmental conditions at the selected location. This is the only way for the project to be a financial success. Fraunhofer IWES carries out measuring campaigns and wind modeling as well as investigating geological subsurface characteristics. Innovative technologies tried and tested in feasibility studies, data analyses, and actual offshore deployments are employed for sound site investigations.

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Test infrastructure

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Large-scale test rigs for realistic and accelerated life testing are Fraunhofer IWES’ trademark. Alongside test rigs for rotor blades, blade segments, blade bearings, nacelles, the grid integration of electrical systems, and support structures, testing facilities for electrolyzer systems and components also form part of IWES’ portfolio.

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The production of green hydrogen for the decarbonization and defossilization of industrial processes will make a decisive contribution to the achievement of the climate goals. The reliable operation of electrolyzers and systems all along the H2 value chain is key to minimizing the risks of upscaling hydrogen production.

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