Scientific Excellence

Staying ahead through a capacity for scientific innovation at a high level is one of the strongest arguments for competing in the global marketplace. In order to ensure a stable, future-proof position in the research landscape and continue with the development of scientific excellence in-house it is essential to be involved as a proactive player in the key (international) networks; that means pooling the core competencies of different academic institutions and supporting this effort with complementary infrastructure facilities.

The Research Alliance for Wind Energy (FVWE) consists of ForWind, the DLR and IWES and forms a cooperation network of 600 skilled scientists. A pool of state of the art test rigs and laboratories opens up new opportunities for tests and technology development. Working together in game-changing research projects, concerting activities and achieving better visibility by a strong presence of the German wind energy research in international networks, the research alliance contributes to trend-setting technological developments.

Scientific excellence and the accelerated development of skills and know-how are being promoted through close collaboration with the regional universities in Hanover, Oldenburg and Bremen and with the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven. Other partnerships are also being established at the present time.

ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research

Center for Wind Energy Research of the universities Oldenburg, Hanover and Bremen.  


Hochschule Bremerhaven

The Institute for Wind Energy (fk-wind) at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is conducting applied research into wind energy technology in conjunction with the Bachelor Degree course in maritime technologies, whose special focus is wind energy, and with the Master's Degree course in wind energy technology.

At international level IWES Nordwest is currently setting up a cooperation framework with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL, USA) and with Risoe/DTU (DK) and WindEEE (CAN). Collaboration with established research facilities will help IWES Nordwest develop its know-how base and harness the existing synergy potential.


Research cooperations

Senior Scientists

The underlying science at Fraunhofer IWES is developed and driven by specialist personnel referred-to as 'senior scientists'. They have a time allocation and the resources that are needed to organise internal information events and doctoral colloquiums, produce and edit papers for scientific conferences, provide support for in-house knowledge management and draw up mandatory quality-assurance guidelines. The senior scientists have individual thematic priorities, but all can draw on years of experience in dealing with the business of scientific work.

The position of the 'Chief Scientist', which is established at head of department level, is currently held by Dr. Arno van Wingerde. He has full responsibility for the scientific work and in addition to organising inter-departmental research activities is also involved in planning and implementing scientific events and in representing the institute on national and international bodies.

Our "senior scientists" cover the following topics:

  • Dr. Arnoldus van Wingerde (Chief Scientist)
    Am Seedeich 45
    27572 Bremerhaven
    Phone +49 471 14290-320

  • Dr. Katharina Fischer, Turbine and System Technology
    Postkamp 12
    30159 Hanover
    Phone +49 471 14290-542

  • Dr. Adrian Hector Gambier, Turbine and System Technology
    Am Seedeich 45
    27572 Bremerhaven
    Phone +49 471 14290-375

  • Dr. Julia Gottschall, Wind Farm Planning and Operation
    Am Seedeich 45
    27572 Bremerhaven
    Phone +49 471 14290-354

  • Dr. Jonas Schmidt, Aerodynamics and numerical wind energy metology
    Küpkersweg 70
    26129 Oldenburg
    Phone +49 441 798-5013 

  • Dr. Stefan Wenau, Site investigation
    Am Fallturm 1
    28359 Bremen
    Phone +49 160 9216 2467

  • Dr. Claudia Lillie, Support Structures
    Merkurstraße 13
    30419 Hannover
    Phone +49 471 14290-578

  • Dr. rer. nat. Wolfram Münchgesang, Electrochemical analytics
    Am Haupttor 4310
    06237 Leuna
    Phone +49 471 14290-662