AdVanced Aerodynamic Tools for lArge Rotors

Funding: EU, FP7-ENERGY-2013-1/no. 608396
Partner: GE Wind Power, LM Wind Power
Duration 01.09.2013 - 30.11.2017


Today´s rotors are the result of aerodynamic modelling with methods that have once been developed for much smaller turbine dimensions. Using traditional methods for the development of 10 to 20 MW turbines is only reccomendable after a thorough overhowl. The project AVATAR, is dedicated to scrutinize these possibilities; the systematical appliance of aerodynamic simulation elements that are not part of established computational models will be considered as well.

The design for slender and flexible blade for the 10 MW turbine class will be developed and compared to the blade of a former project, INNWIND. Afterwards, basic aerodynamic aspects like high Reynolds numbers, flexibility, thick profiles and compressibility are compressibility.

Furthermore, models for flaps and vortex generators will be developed. The results are supposed to be integrated in aerodynamic load calculations on several detail levels. The results will be used for the scale-up to a 20 MW blade. Fraunhofer IWES´contributes its know how especially to improve the revision and optimize load calculation.