Development of methods and processes for designing more streamlined processes for rotor blade production

Funding: PFAU and EFRE
Partners: LSA Logistik Service Agentur
Duration: 01.01.2016 – 30.09.2017


The project looks at knowledge- and technology-intensive processes in the development of rotor blades in order to identify factors which compromise the efficient use of materials and a smooth-running supply chain. The emphasis of the project is on the preproduction of textile-based components. In the process chain the material for blade production is moved and made available as a blank – ensuring the timely availability of blanks of a certain quality at the processing station is a major challenge; a further aspect is the return of blank remains to the reusable material cycle. The project focuses on three fields:

- Configuration of a material management system to optimize logistics from the supplier up to the tool shape

- Transportation of rolls and blanks to suit the material

- Development of concepts for the economic return and reuse of product remains as the basic material for other wind turbine components

To realize this, specific measures and technologies are to be developed and validated in the Fraunhofer IWES demo centre at the site in Bremerhaven. The aim is to develop consultation expertise in order to be able to support rotor blade manufacturers in the optimisation of their textile value chains (“LeanBlade: Production & Green Supply Management System”). The project partner, LSA, markets this service in the wind industry. Fraunhofer IWES works to support this service with its technological infrastructure.