NEWA: Development of a New European Wind Atlas


Funding BMWi (ERANET+)
Partner ForWind
Duration 03/2015 - 06/2019


“NEWA“ is an ERANET+ project with a consortium of nine member states and their national consortia, respectively.

While the wind energy industry is still troubled by many projects showing considerable negative discrepancies between calculated and actually experienced production numbers and operating conditions, the New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) is aimed at reducing these uncertainties, and is structured around three areas of work, to be implemented in parallel.

  • Creation and publication of a European wind atlas in electronic form, which will include the underlying data and a new EU wind climate database
  • Development of dynamical downscaling methodologies and open-source models validated through measurement campaigns, to enable the provision of accurate wind resource and external wind load climatology and short-term prediction at high spatial resolution and covering Europe
  • Measurement campaigns to validate the model chain used in the wind atlas. At least five coordinated measurement campaigns will be undertaken and will cover complex terrains, offshore, large changes in surface characteristics and cold climates.

In the German consortium the partners University of Oldenburg and Fraunhofer IWES work on this project, Fraunhofer IWES as coordinator.