Evaluation methods for fibre-optic sensor systems for the offshore sector

Funding: BMWi
Partners: Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung BAM, GmbH, geotechnischen Umweltschutz und mathematische Modellierung mbH  
Duration: 10/2014-09/2016


The joint BeFOS project aims to consolidate draft guidelines for retrofitting and assessing fibre-optic sensors and system components in the harsh offshore environment. Before application rules for fibre-optic strain sensors can be defined, suitable testing methods must be developed to be able not only to ensure reliable functioning of the sensors under offshore conditions but also to test such sensors on-site. Questions with regard to the replacement and repair of sensors in the offshore sector need to be clarified and installation methods have to be improved. Following on from this, the procedures for using and replacing cables and plugs will be set out in detail.

The project partners focus on the following areas: The BAM is examining methods for the calibration of sensors which have already been installed and is developing a testing method for the use of a portable calibration device; inquires and evaluates the appropriateness of connection pieces, cables, plugs, considerring especially their long-term stability under offshore conditions; the experts at the Fraunhofer IWES are developing a specific laboratory testing programme to assess sensor installations in an environmental simulation chamber. This testing programme takes both site-specific aspects and the differing conditions in various zones of an offshore facility into account.