WAB Qualification Working Group

The aim of the “WAB Qualification Working Group” is to develop a range of professional and academic training offers in the wind energy and hydrogen sectors and to render existing offerings more transparent. A network of companies and providers of qualification measures were formed to support these efforts. The AUFWIND joint project between the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven and Fraunhofer IWES was the initiating starting point of the "WAB Working Group for Qualification”.

- Achieving offer transparency

- Identification and use of synergies

- Development and joint pursuit of innovative further training concepts

- Linking the  academic training and further education with the professional education sector.

- Mutual acknowledgment and crediting (standardization)

- Internationalization of  training offerings

- Identification and joint filling of gaps in terms of training programs

The following groups are invited: 

- Further education and training providers

- Companies with further training requirements

- Universities 

- Associations

Please contact  WAB e.V. directly to register and receive more information on the latest dates. Thank you!