Energy cost optimization using superconducting wind generators

Funding: EU Horizon2020; Grant agreement: No 656024
Partners: Envision Energy, Eco5, Jeumont Electronic, Delta Energy Systems, Theva Dünnschicht, Sumitomo Cryogenics, DNV GL, University of Twente
Duration: 03/2015 – 04/2019


The aim of the EcoSwing project is to design and test the world's first superconductive and truly cost-saving generator for operation in a modern multi-megawatt turbine. The 40 percent reduction in weight, compared to a standard, permanently excited synchronous generator, makes it possible to achieve significant savings of 25 percent in the tower head mass.

The consortium made up of industrial and research partners will develop the design of the directly driven generator and build the 3 MW prototype in the first project phase. This will be followed by intensive testing of the generator/converter system on the nacelle test stand at Fraunhofer IWES in Bremerhaven. In addition to commissioning of the system, multiple load states will be tested and the electrical and thermal properties measured. On conclusion of the tests, the generator will be ready for deployment in the field in the Envision GC-1.

The generator will be installed in a functional modern wind turbine in Thyborøn, Denmark, and tested there for a year in operation.

Plans for the market launch and distribution of the generator round off this project.


“EcoSwing has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 656024.”