GW Wakes

Analysis of the wind shadow losses and wake turbulence characteristics of large offshore wind farms by comparing “alpha ventus” and “BARD Offshore 1”

Funding: BMWi
Partner: ForWind, BARD Engineering GmbH
Duration: 01.01.2012 - 31.05.2016


The latest scientific publications suggest that large offshore wind farms have a noticeable mutual, detrimental effect arising from the wind shadows they cast on each other – resulting in economic losses for the operator. These losses, which are caused by unfavourable aerodynamic interactions, can currently only be quantified with great difficulty – the interaction between the maritime turbulent boundary layer and large wind farms is not yet fully understood.  

The unclear flow conditions can lead to erroneous load assumptions for the design and operation of the multi-MW wind power installations and are a considerable risk factor for the economic operation of large, planned offshore wind farms and thus for the further expansion of offshore wind power.

As part of the AVATAR project, a comprehensive measurement and simulation programme shall promote new findings on the wind shadow effects of large wind farms; This will be done by comparing the flow conditions of “alpha ventus” and “BARD Offshore 1”. The results will then be incorporated into the flapFoam wind farm optimisation programme.