What makes Fraunhofer IWES so special as an employer?

Turning ideas into real optimizations

Fraunhofer specializes in applied research – the practical added value and excellent implementability of our solutions are decisive for their industry acceptance and appreciation. A good understanding of the state of the art, knowledge of industrial processes, and a clear grasp of the requirements in practice are essential for successful cooperation. You develop into an innovator with a clear overview of the market and pragmatism or further develop your skills in this role – that makes you an in-demand counterpart for partners in research and industry. Employees describe the moment when they realize that their ideas have proven themselves in practice and have been able to improve process efficiency or planning security as particularly rewarding.

Systematic career planning

We offer tailored opportunities for your personal and professional further development. A feedback-oriented management culture combined with regular appraisals to discuss performance and growth goals, foster the individual potential of the employee, and indicate possible career paths.

Attractive benefits

Appointment, remuneration and social security benefits are based on the public-sector collective wage agreement (TVöD). In addition, Fraunhofer is also in a position to offer variable benefits based on performance and success in recognition of outstanding achievements.

Possibility of earning a PhD

Fraunhofer IWES works in close cooperation with various universities and universities of applied sciences. This allows you to work on topics from the latest scientific and academic projects as part of your doctorate and to develop them into a professional profile. Excellent networking opportunities within the scientific community are conducive to academic exchange and the publishing of (intermediate) results.

Scientific excellence

In the field of research, we join forces with all renowned institutes throughout the world. By joining conferences and symposia regularly, as well as hosting scientific experts at our own event, we take actively part in the current discussions and debates. The position of a »Senior Scientist« offers postdoctoral research fellows the opportunity to put their main focus on enhancing IWES’ scientific reputation.

Flexible working hours

The flexi-time model, different models for part-time work, and the documentation of overtime allow us to ensure a good balance between work, family, and leisure time.

Diversity as a success factor

Productive cooperation between employees and students of different ages and religions and from different cultural and professional backgrounds demands a high degree of openness and tolerance – it also gets creative sparks flying, offers a contrast to an individual’s self-image, and provides insights that help to broaden one’s horizons. Equality is of fundamental importance at Fraunhofer.

Pleasant working atmosphere by the sea

The »open door« culture is representative of the friendliness, open-mindedness, and colleagueship exhibited by IWES employees. Internal events contribute to a great working environment and small working groups encourage exchange between colleagues.

Plus, sitting on the levee after a meeting and feeling the fresh breeze on your face as you watch the huge boats making their way toward the North Sea – it is basically like taking a mini vacation in-between tasks.

Do you have a passion for wind energy and related future topics? Then, you would fit perfectly into our team – apply today!