Qualification of composite materials and components

Rotor blades are central components of wind energy turbine systems and subject to a wide variety of demands. The blades’ aerodynamic efficiency must be high and resultant loads and manufacturing costs as low as possible. The combination of extreme operational demands with low structural costs can only be successful at the highest level of technology engineering. In order to continually advance the technology, the Fraunhofer IWES North-West offers its customers a wide range of sophisticated testing technologies and a unique infrastructure.

In order to keep up with increasing cost pressure the rapidly, soaring quality requierements and an accelerated innovation cycles, new technological methods from fields like aerodynamics, load and structural calculations as well as material-, component- and structural testing are applied.

Fraunhofer IWES is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 regarding “product development up to the prototype stage, technology development and optimization, technology assessments and studies” as well as “trials in demonstration centers”.


Full-scale blade testing


Industrialized rotor blade manufacturing


Material-, component- and structural testing