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Cost-Efficient Testing Methods for XXL Blades

€ 12 million for testing rotor blades measuring up to 115 meters in length:  in Bremerhaven, a test bench is set to be constructed that offers not only new testing opportunities for full-scale blade testing, but also rigs for segment and component tests. The predecessor project investigated the viability of new test procedures; now they will come under scrutiny on a larger scale within the new project.



Better Protection for Power Converters

Gaining a better understanding of power converter failure is vital in order to develop more effective protective measures and thus improve the profitability of turbine operation. For this purpose, field data from various sites and turbine types are being analyzed, damage models derived, and experimental tests performed on components.



SmartBlades2: Field measurement campaign in Colorado begins

Three 20 meter long rotor blades that were developed within the context of the SmartBlades2 project will be assessed under natural weather and wind conditions in Boulder, Colorado (USA), over the next four months. The measuring campaign with the SmartBlades2 research project aims to clarify how well the rotor blades with bend-twist coupling are able to effectively dampen peak loads during strongly variable wind speeds. 



RELIABLADE: Increased Reliability of Rotorblades

Researchers from DTU and Fraunhofer IWES will - together with further partners - develop a design for a 40 meter blade with intentionally inserted errors, manufacture it and test it, in order to improve the understanding of a blade´s structural behavior and validate damage models. The vision is a digital twin of every blade manufactured that would allow a permanent condition monitoring for the entire life cycle.



BladeFactory project: Quicker manufacturing with higher quality

Together with 14 project partners, Fraunhofer IWES, in the role of coordinator, launched the BladeFactory project at the beginning of October. IWES researchers will develop and test production methods with the aim of reducing the production time for rotor blades.  



Load Application for Bearing Test Rig Put into Operation

Cylinders and mechanics for the application of real wind loads for the bearing test rig in Hamburg have been installed and are now operational. As such, the researchers are well within the schedule, which envisages commissioning of the entire test rig by the end of the year.