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Wind turbines with integrated electrolyzer demonstrate sustainable hydrogen production at sea

H2Mare flagship project is supposed to receive more than €100 million funding from the BMBF.



Progress in realization of Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven

Following the approval of funding for the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven at the former Luneort airfield, a general contractor has now been commissioned to design specific layout plans for the facilities.



Fraunhofer IWES puts further bearing test rig into operation

Together with the project partners, Fraunhofer IWES is testing 100 small-scale rotor blade bearings and employing the results to create a database that will help to develop advanced control strategies and condition monitoring systems.



Construction begins on superlative rotor blade test bench

Fraunhofer IWES invests €19 million in the construction of a third rotor blade test rig for XXL blades in Bremerhaven/Germany – for length of 115 meters and more. New methods like biaxial or segmented testing will enhance economic viability further.



How does climate change impact wind farm yields?

Fraunhofer IWES and GERICS launch new research project to investigate climatic changes in wind and their influence on wind energy site assessment.



Joint project simulates wind and wave loads on the piles of offshore wind turbines

A joint project between the LUH and Fraunhofer IWES together with other partners is examining the properties of the current and next generation of offshore monopiles in order to develop a reliable calculation method to enable the longest possible service life.



Accelerated testing of rotor blade bearings: Test bench proves successful in regular operation

Fraunhofer IWES has completed a successful series of accelerated tests on rotor blade bearings at the test bench in Hamburg. Within the scope of research and industry projects, bearings were subjected to dynamic endurance tests to increase their reliability.



Fraunhofer IWES is carrying out an offshore survey in the German Baltic Sea for Iberdrola

Fraunhofer IWES is conducting a boulder detection and geohazard survey of 50 wind turbine locations and the associated OSS within the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm on behalf of Iberdrola S.A. 



Optimizing the Grid Characteristics of Wind Turbines

More than € 30 million are set to be invested in expanding the testing infrastructure for electrical systems. In the first phase of the planned expansion, the Fraunhofer IWES is officially putting a new test bench into operation in the scope of the Hil-GridCoP project.



Tsubasa Windfarm Design, Fraunhofer IWES and Kobe University started collaborating

The three cooperation partners joined for offering the highest level of offshore windfarm design service for Japanese offshore projects. 



“Green Hydrogen for Bremerhaven” project gets underway

The research partners Fraunhofer IWES, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, and the Technologie-Transfer-Zentrum Bremerhaven – will be laying the foundations for a “hydrogen center of excellence” in the maritime city over the two-year term of the project.



10 Years of Research at Germany’s First Offshore Wind Farm alpha ventus

The accompanying research initiative RAVE has been collecting measurements at the wind farm with a comprehensive range of measuring technology and working on a variety of research projects investigating important aspects of wind energy.