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Suction Buckets: Large-Scale Test Reveals Increased Tensile Capacity During Storms

Fraunhofer IWES tested two large-scale suction buckets in a 1:5 scale in early 2018. The physical experiments at the Test Center for Support Structures in Hanover (TTH) are the first of their kind in Germany. Within the experimental work the IWES researchers were able to quantify an effective temporary increase in tensile capacity during storms.


BSH Commissions IWES to Conduct Preliminary Assessment of Seabed

The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has selected IWES, among others, to conduct initial exploratory work for the first bidding round. Researchers will compile 3D seabed models based on geophysical data. The multichannel seismic survey method delivers high-resolution data for soil layers at all relevant depths for wind turbine fundaments.



Trailing edge: more realistic load scenario for design critical structures

Sub-component trailing edge testing has the potential to become established as an addition to the certification-relevant full-scale blade test. Any relevant load scenario can be simulated and critical blade details can come under scrutiny Within the EU project ´IRP Wind` the potential was defined.